Howard Tillerman

Howard Tillerman

Howard Tillerman


Marketing Strategy, Branding, Sales Management


Chief Marketing Officer


Master of Business (MBA) specializing in marketing, Stanford University Master of Science in Marketing, HEC

Howard Tillerman is the Chief Marketing Officer for Making That Sale and an award-winning marketing professional.


Howard attended Stanford University where he also earned his Master of Business (MBA) specializing in marketing. During his undergraduate years, he also studied abroad at Columbia in Paris.


Howard is a marketing and strategy specialist that has created and accelerated marketing strategies and brand awareness for companies around the globe. Since his years at Stanford, he has acquired vast experience in marketing, branding, strategic planning, and sales for several national and international companies, including a stint as a CMO of an IT company in Paris, where his fluent French was invaluable.

Howard was the VP, Product Sales & Strategy at Seeking Alpha, overseeing the custom solutions team. He started his career at Lowe & Partner/SMS developing and producing digital projects for Smirnoff and Mercedes, where he also won a STEVIE award for marketing campaign of the year.

Howard also oversaw the direct marketing for Investopedia’s Academy ecommerce products and was a strategic advisor to Dotdash. Prior to Dotdash, he led consumer growth and engagement programs at such online companies as Weebly (acquired by Square), Spafinder, and LegalZoom, among others.

In his esteemed position as Chief Marketing Officer at Making That Sale, he channels his extensive expertise to assist the editorial team in curating premium content packed with actionable insights, particularly centered around the ever-evolving marketing trends. With a keen eye on the latest shifts in the industry, he actively engages with the site’s audience, responding to their queries in the realms of marketing, branding, and sales, thereby fostering a deep-rooted connection with them.

He is the driving force behind the strategies propelling audience growth across the brand’s newsletters, social media, and podcast platforms. His profound experience is pivotal in steering the site towards unprecedented growth.

For any questions in the aforementioned areas, feel free to drop a line at: [email protected].