Editorial Guidelines

At Making That Sale, we hold our content to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, and relevance. Our editorial guidelines are designed to ensure that all of our content is useful, trustworthy, and enriches our reader’s knowledge and understanding of the sales world.


At Making That Sale, we place a high value on originality in our content. We believe that unique perspectives and insights are key to providing valuable and engaging information to our readers. To ensure originality, we have established the following guidelines:

  1. Plagiarism: We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Our writers are strictly prohibited from copying or reproducing content from other sources without proper attribution. All content published on Making That Sale must be the original work of the writer.
  2. Unique Perspectives: Our writers are encouraged to bring their own perspectives and experiences to their articles. By sharing their expertise and insights gained from working in the sales field, our content reflects a diverse range of viewpoints and offers a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.
  3. Attribution: In cases where it is necessary to reference or quote external sources, our writers are required to provide proper attribution. This includes clearly identifying the original source and, when applicable, providing a link or reference to the original material. We believe in giving credit where credit is due and promoting transparency in our sourcing practices.
  4. Plagiarism Checks: Prior to publication, all content undergoes a thorough plagiarism check using reliable plagiarism detection tools. This ensures that our content is free from any unoriginal or improperly sourced material.

By adhering to these guidelines, we maintain the integrity of our content and uphold the trust our readers place in us. Our commitment to originality guarantees that the information provided on Making That Sale is fresh, relevant, and of the highest quality.


Ensuring the accuracy of the information we provide is of utmost importance at Making That Sale. We have established a robust fact-checking process to verify the facts, figures, and data included in our content. Here’s a more detailed explanation of our fact-checking guidelines:

  1. Rigorous Verification: Our writers are responsible for conducting thorough research to gather accurate and reliable information. They utilize a wide range of trusted sources, such as academic papers, industry reports, reputable publications, and official statistics, to ensure the accuracy of the information they present.
  2. Primary Sources: Whenever possible, our writers rely on primary sources to gather information. This means referring directly to original research studies, official company statements, interviews with experts, or firsthand experiences. By accessing primary sources, we aim to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to our readers.
  3. Cross-Verification: To ensure accuracy, our writers cross-verify information from multiple sources. This helps to identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies and ensures that the information presented is reliable and well-supported.
  4. Expert Insights: When discussing complex or specialized topics, we seek input from subject matter experts. Their expertise and knowledge help us validate the accuracy of the information we provide, ensuring that our content is both reliable and authoritative.
  5. Ongoing Review: We understand that new information and developments can emerge after the publication of an article. To address this, we continuously monitor industry trends and updates. If any new information arises that may impact the accuracy of our content, we take prompt action to update or correct the information accordingly.

By adhering to these fact-checking guidelines, we strive to deliver accurate and trustworthy information to our readers. Our commitment to rigorous research and verification enables us to provide valuable insights that can be relied upon for sales management, lead generation, CRM, and customer service practices.

Corrections Policy

At Making That Sale, we are committed to transparency and accountability. If we discover an error in our content, we will promptly correct it and disclose the correction to our readers. If you believe you have found an error in our content, please contact us with the relevant details. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining the accuracy of our content.

How We Test and Review Products/Services

At Making That Sale, we take pride in conducting objective and transparent reviews of CRM software, sales-related products, and services. Our evaluation process involves thorough testing and assessment, utilizing real-world scenarios to gain practical insights into each product’s performance. Here’s an in-depth look at how we test and review products/services:

  1. Thorough Testing: We believe in providing accurate and comprehensive information to our readers. Therefore, we subject each product or service to a thorough testing process. This includes using the product/service in real-world scenarios, exploring its features, functionalities, and performance, and assessing its overall suitability for different sales management needs.
  2. Real-World Scenarios: We recognize that the effectiveness of a product or service can vary depending on the specific context in which it is used. To capture this, we conduct tests and evaluations in real-world scenarios, simulating common sales situations. This allows us to assess how the product/service performs in practical applications and determine its strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Evaluation Criteria: Our reviews are based on a set of predefined evaluation criteria. These criteria encompass various aspects such as features, ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, customer support, pricing, and overall value to the user. By using consistent evaluation criteria, we ensure a fair and objective assessment of each product/service.
  4. Research and User Feedback: In addition to our own testing, we gather insights from a variety of sources. We conduct interviews with current users to gather their experiences and opinions. We explore online reviews and customer feedback to gain a broader perspective on the product/service’s performance and user satisfaction.
  5. Independence and Transparency: We maintain our independence in reviewing products/services and do not accept free products or services from manufacturers for review purposes. If we have an affiliate relationship with a product or service provider, we clearly disclose it to our readers. However, our review process and conclusions are not influenced by any affiliate relationship. Our primary commitment is to provide unbiased, trustworthy information to our readers.
  6. Balanced View: Our reviews aim to provide a balanced perspective, highlighting both the positive aspects and potential limitations of each product or service. We strive to present a comprehensive picture, enabling our readers to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and requirements.

By following these rigorous testing and review practices, we ensure that our readers receive reliable, impartial information to guide their purchasing decisions. Our commitment to objectivity and transparency is at the core of our review process, allowing us to maintain the trust and confidence of our readers.

By following these guidelines, we ensure that Making That Sale remains a reliable, authoritative resource for all things sales. We are deeply committed to our mission of helping individuals and businesses enhance their sales strategy, management, and customer service.